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Daily Spelling Quiz #285

Enter in your spelling into the box next to the pronunciation. When you are finished, click the submit button at the bottom of the page. Do not put in any spaces or punctuation. Capitalization doesn't matter. Good luck!

GRAM-uhr  noun
a system of rules for speaking and writing a given language

KAWL-ij  noun
an institution of higher education that grants degrees

TEN-yoo-uhs  adjective
not substantial; flimsy [~ evidence]

moh-ZAY-uh-sist  noun
an artist who makes pictures or designs by inlaying small bits of colored stone in mortar

LAS-uh-tood  noun
weariness; languor

un-en-FOHRS-uh-buhl  adjective
not capable of being brought about by compulsion [~ laws]

kuh-rawb-uh-RAY-shuhn  noun
confirmation; support

pry-moh-JEN-uh-chuhr  noun
being the firstborn; the right of inheritance of the eldest son

sub-SAT-uh-lyt  noun
a political entity within the sphere of influence of another entity that is itself within the influence of a stronger power; an object carried into orbit and subsequently released from an orbiting man-made object 

KIT-uhl  noun
a white cotton or linen robe worn by Orthodox Jews on Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur, also used as a burial shroud